Cassondra Billedeau-Stratton, founded Chic Living 365 because of her passions for beauty, travel, and fashion.

Taking inspiration from her many travels and splitting her time between New York City, and Miami, her posts reflect vitality and a fast-moving lifestyle.  

Her previous work as a New York City fashion stylist, make-up artist, actress, and model has helped her to produce content which is informative,
practical and stylish.


Welcome to Chic Living 365! My name is Cassondra Billedeau-Stratton and it is a pleasure to meet you! If you’re reading (Or listening to) this right now, that means you’ve discovered my eclectic little world, Chic Living 365, and I am so happy you did! Chic Living 365 focuses on every day modern luxury from lifestyle, beauty, travel and fashion .. all things chic! It’s my own little eclectic world and I’m so excited to share it with you.

We’ve created a fun feature to make the experience easier (and a little more personal) for those that have a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to sit and read each article, just press play and you can hear me read them to you!

Getting started, we’re going to release three articles for you to get your feet wet, then you can expect a new article weekly, just subscribe, and you’ll receive notifications straight to your inbox!

This is my little baby and it’s going to constantly evolve, so you can expect more posts on beauty, certain designers, some of my favorite travel destinations, the possibilities are endless!
So subscribe today to get your weekly dose of Chic Living 365!  


  •  We put arrows on the sides to get you to the next and last post. We also wrote the titles and the date so you have an idea of where you’re going!
  • On mobile devices, you can swipe left or right to get to the next, or previous posts.
  • There is an audio clip on each post. Press play, and you can continue to scroll through the photos as we read to you!
  • You can fast forward or rewind by clicking (or on a mobile device by sliding your finger along the track) Try it out!
  • Click the photos for more options. You can save to Pinterest, and a second click on a mobile device will let you see the image larger.
  • We’d  love to get your input, answer questions and get to know you, so be sure to comment.!
  • We can be friends. We don’t always have to meet at our place! Follow along on social media and say hello! 
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xoxo Cassondra 💋

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