It’s finally Spring here in New York City!

It’s been a dreary winter but the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and so is my closet! I’ve really been into nude and blush tones for the past few weeks… (as you may have noticed in my last couple posts). From Miami to NYC, those are my colors of choice for the moment. (I go through phases and right now for spring, blush tones/ nudes are it.)

I’m not your typical “blogger”, I don’t try to post the newest, latest and greatest fashions. Sure, I try and stay classic and occasionally on trend, but this is my personal style diary, I dress for me and my mood. And right now, I’m all about the nudes. I’ve been “shopping my closet” this past week and I’ve rediscovered some pieces that have been patiently waiting for their turn to shine again. I wanted to see what I could put together from my collection and give them a fresh new feel this season.

If you’re a fashionista on a budget, this is a great way to make old new again. Shopping your own closet and mixing together things you already own (and may have forgotten about) is a creative, fun, (and wallet friendly) way to go. You’ll be surprised by what you may have hiding in there!

I’ve currently been inspired by the Japanese cherry blossoms in full bloom here in New York City, So I took to my closet and got lost for hours creating looks from pieces I already own. I knew the “mood” I was in so all I had to do was pull pieces that went with the color scheme I was going for, then, voila! I came up with a week’s worth of fresh spring looks without even leaving my home (or breaking out the Amex. 😉👌🏻)

I felt like a little girl playing dress up in a lost treasure trove! I had completely forgotten about some of the beautiful pieces that I had in there! Then it dawned on me, how many of us buy a garment and wear it for a season or two and then let it get lost in the closet abyss??.. I thought to myself, “I’m going to put together pieces that I never put together before, and make old new again!” Little did I know how much I really had to work with! In this day in age of “Fast Fashion” a girl could go crazy (and broke) trying to keep up.

Little do we know that if we just experiment with what we already have and mix pieces together that we’ve never mixed before, we can come up with a whole new wardrobe! Be daring, think outside of your comfort zone. Mix those leopard print pumps with that pencil skirt! You’ll be happy you did! Fashion moves too fast these days and you can drive yourself crazy trying to keep up.

Well fashion world, not this girl! I’m shopping my own closet this Spring. Who knows ladies, when you play in your closet, you may find yourself creating a slew of looks from pieces you had hiding in there and give them a whole new life! So girls.. Get ready , and go raid your own closet! I can’t wait to hear your feed back on what you’ve put together!

Xoxo Cassondra 💋

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